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School's Out - Now What?

It's been three days since I turned in my last assignment, and now I find myself wondering what's next. I have been in and out of school since 2011 and have no plans to continue higher than a Master's Degree - not right now anyway. I vowed to resume blogging and update my resume, so that is where I will start. Because I am a true procrastinator (something that's kept me busy on assignments EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT for the last few years), I am writing now, even though I am not sure what I want to say...

I am still working out what I want this blog and website to be. Years ago my blogging was all about workouts, healthy eating, and my daily antics with kids, work, and school. I realize now that the topics I wrote and shared before were ego driven and that's not the direction I want to pursue. My life has changed dramatically in the last 7 years, and I am now in a place where authenticity and service to others is the most important thing. What can I share to help others and stay true to myself?

I want this blog to reflect what I've learned about wellness, myself, and the community I am surrounded by. I have been studying and practicing mindfulness techniques and would like to share my Master's Captstone Project with you - it's an annotated bibliography of 8 recent scholarly articles that discuss whether mindfulness practices increase one's ability to reach goals. It's lengthy, but summarizes hundreds of pages of text into a 20-something page essay. Here's a link...

This week I will be brainstorming and journaling about what I want this blog to be. Until next time...


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